The Best Running Earphones Under $100

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Runner Wearing Earphones


As a runner, you know the power of a pumped-up playlist to energize your workout. As a techie, you covet the best gadgets. So when it comes to exercise and running, you naturally want top-notch gear to play your music clearly. That means a pair of earphones that fit as snugly as your sneakers, deliver rich sound, and perform well while on the run.

But before you sprint to the store, you'll want to consider which features are most important to you as an athlete. Is comfort, fit, sound quality, price, or style your priority? Maybe you've had itRunning Electronics Earphones with tangled wires or a flailing arm has sent your iPod tumbling down the treadmill one too many times. In this case you might find a wireless pair of earphones more convenient; we recommend a few in this article.

As with most new technology gadgets, quality will cost you. The priciest pair here runs around $89, which might be more than you spent on your MP3 player. Still, you can find a very solid less expensive pair like the Sennheiser for $19.99 or a mid quality pair, like the Sennheiser/Adidas PMX 685i for $49.00.

I rated these in numerical order with the Bose IE2 as the best for under $100 because of their sound.   But I really liked the Jaybird because of the bluetooth and the Sennheiser CX200 for the price of $19 for their decent sound and quality too.



1. Bose IE2 Audio Headphones, $94.99
For use with:phones:  Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows; Laptops, Desktops, portable CD and DVD players

Bose's IE2 earphones are the second-generation of Bose's in-ear headphones.

Bose IE2 Running HeadphonesIE2 Audio headphones are barely just under $100 and offer great value to running athletes.   These are your basic earphones with no cellphone controls.  These are are very comfortable, will keep from falling out, and stay in place thanks to three different StayHear ear tips where you can choose one that fits best.   Comfort and good fit are essential for sports headphones, especially for people who plan to use them on long trainings or sport events (e.g. half marathons, marathons, long bike rides, etc.).


Runner Wearing Bose IE2 Running HeadphonesThe MIE2s are perfect for listening to music on your phone while you’re out running or working out.   Protective carrying case included.   The Bose® IE2 in-ear headphones are engineered from the inside out to deliver smooth, natural sound.   Advanced Bose acoustic design ensures that you'll enjoy your music with lifelike detail and surprisingly rich bass.   High-quality Bose construction provides long-lasting performance and durability.

These are not blue tooth or noise-cancelling earphones.   The cord length is 45" and includes a clothing clip to help keep the cord from bouncing when you go running. Included is a compact carry case which provides convenient storage for your headphones and a portable music player.   Just slip it in your pocket, and you're ready to go.

The headphone's angled 3.5mm plug fits directly into most MP3 players, including iPod and iPhone models, as well as laptops and portable CD and DVD players.

NOTE:  They have a mobile version of these headphones, Bose MIE2 ($129) where you can use it on controlling music and taking calls:  Single click for pause for song (or taking a call); double click for next track.

   PRICE: $94.99 logo




2. Jaybird Freedom Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds, $70-$99
For use with:   phones: Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows 

If you're looking for a great sport bluetooth headphones for under $100, Jaybird Freedom Stereo BluetoothJaybird Freedom BlueTooth Running Headphones Earbuds are worth considering. They stay securely in ears, even while running or cycling. Most buyers are also very pleased with the bass quality of the sound. They come with extra ear tips so there are at least a few options of wearing them.

Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Ear-Buds with microphone.  For stereo music and phone calls with built in microphone.  Music controls include play, pause, next track and previous track.   Up to 6 hours of music play time.  Lifetime Warranty Against Sweat.

Phone call controls include; answer, reject call.  Music will automatically pause and then resume after phone call.




3. Sennheiser/Adidas PMX 685i Sports In-Ear Neckband, $63-$79
For use with:   iPhone, iPad, iPod

The 2013 model features a behind-the-neck style almost identical to last year’s model. But they’re four grams lighter, the band is thinner, the 3.5mm jack is now at a right angle, and the buds themselves shrunk to fit in your ears more comfortably.

Adidas Sennheiser Running HeadphonesThey could be a little more comfortable, but they’re not bad at all. They sound so good, with deep bass, and fit so securely, that they will be anchored to our skulls on all of our upcoming runs. A unique moisture protection system allows you to rinse the headset under the tap to remove grime and perspiration.  Features: Maximum ruggedness and durability; Sweat and water-resistant, Situational awareness; Blocks less outside noise so you stay aware of your immediate environment.  These are hands-down one of the best headphones for running we’ve ever used.

Integrated smart remote and microphone for taking phone calls and controlling your music for enhanced usability and convenience. logo   PRICE: $63.96





4. Yurbuds Sports Earphones Ironman Inspire Pro Earphones (Black), $39-$59
For use with:   phones:  Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows; Laptops, Desktops, portable CD and DVD players

Yurbud Ironman Inspire Running Headphones

Conceived on a gravel trail by an engineer training for his first Ironman Triathlon, Yurbuds are designed to transform your athletic experience.

The sport earphone that introduces a new level of functionality with the addition of the convenient three button controls and in-line microphone. These features allow easy navigation of music as well as hands-free-calls, even during extended use. The "Dry-Mic" is water-resistant and sweat proof ensuring your music will always keep you going even if moisture comes in contact with your microphone or controls.

The earbuds definitely will not come out that easily since they have the patented "twist ear-lock" feature.   True!

Warning, but, be careful. I tried these and these accidentally caught the cable on my bike's handle bar, and it nearly ripped my left ear off.   Perhaps they'll never fall out, but they do have the potential to hurt!   Recommend to strap the cable close to your body.


Yurbud Ironman Inspire Running HeadphonesAlso, these are non noise cancelling whereby you can hear sufficient ambient noise, so you stay aware of your surroundings.  The sound quality is ok (but subpar compared to the Bose IE2).

You can order these in different colors, red, black, and white.

Did you notice that reigning Ironman World Champions, Chris "Macca" McCormack and Mirinda "Rinny" Carfrae both train enthusiastically with Yurbuds? logo
MENS: PRICE: $31.95 logo  WOMANS: PRICE: $29.95





5. Sennheiser CX200 Twist-to-Fit Earbuds, $19-$33
For use with:   phones:  Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows; Laptops, Desktops, portable CD and DVD players

Hit the streets running with the CX 200 Street II. These ultra-compact ear-canal phones feature an innovative finger-contoured design for easy adjustment and optimal wearing comfort in the ears. These are your basic noise cancelling earphones, with their high passive attenuation of ambient noise and powerful bass-driven sound, Sennheiser CX200 Running Earphonesthe CX 200 Street II headphones are necessary equipment for your next urban outing.

The innovative finger-contoured housing design enables for easy adjustment and optimal wearing comfort, with three different sizes of ear adapters included in delivery. The cable length is 3.9 ft. (1.2 m).

The Sennheiser CX 200 is compatible with all MP3, iPod, DVD, and CD players as well as mobile phones supporting a 3.5mm jack plug. CX 200 also supports (listen only) the latest generation of tablets, from the iPad to the most recent Android tablets and the Blackberry Playbook.

Amazon reviewers (out of 248 reviewers) rated this as 4 stars for the price and quality of the earphones. They stated the earphones have good bass, the headphones stay in when running are good "beaters". These are definitely recommended for good value and for the money. logo   PRICE: $19.99





6.  JVC In-Ear Sports Clip Earbuds, Black, $13-$20
For use with: phones: Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows; Laptops, Desktops, portable CD and DVD players

Last but not Least!

I have owned a pair of these JVC In-Ear Sports Clip Earbuds and have used these for over 1.5 years already.   These are my beaters which still provide me with music or audiobooks listening  when I go running or mountain biking.   I still am a big fan of "over the ear clip earphones" and I consider these safe to wear.  But these are just your basic earphones with no cell phone control.

The sound is very decent for the price.   It is no Bose IE2, but they do provide me with the basic low to JVC Clip Bud Running Earphonesmid range frequencies for my music.  I like the fact that they have a soft rubber earpiece that fits snug in your ear which blocks out some exterior noise.   The earphones come with a few different soft rubber ear pieces that you can change out for your ear in order to fit your ear.

The splash-resistant earphone is designed to protect these from the rain and other sources of moisture, giving you hours of interruption-free music enjoyment.   The JVC Clip Sports Earbuds are available in black, silver or violet.

Amazon customer rated these 4 out of 5 stars.    If you are looking for the best value rated earphone, then you can't beat these JVC earbuds.  They can produce powerful and clear audio for you to enjoy at the gym, at home or during outdoor running or bicycling sessions.

Cord length: 3.94 feet


Walmart logo   ONLINE SALE PRICE: $7.57




What has your experience been in using the different types of earphones (basic, wired with cell control, or bluetooth wireless) for running or other exercise activities in terms of quality and/or style?






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