Why Tifosi Optics are Low-Cost and Great for Running

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Tifosi Running and Bike Eyewear


Who says you need to pay over $100 for a pair of running eyeglasses?  There is a manufacturer which makes great running eyewear where an average purchase of interchangeable lens run eyewear cost $55.

Recently, I purchased the Tifosi Veloce Race Black running eyewear for $48.36.  I made the purchase from the FastSunglass website.  I researched the whole web and found that FastSunglass sells the best priced, newest and most selection of Tifosi eyewear.

FastSunglass has a lot of selection for running eyewear from Tifosi.  Fastsunglass had a sale of $53.36 with free shipping.  I went to the Retailmenot.com website, found, and used the $5 off code for FastSunglass and typed it in the Fastsunglass coupon code on checkout, where I purchased for $48.36 and saved $5.



The Tifosi Veloce running eyewear I purchased comes with:

3 interchangeable lenses

- Smoke

- AC Red

- Clear


These glasses come with an eyewear case and cloth bag to store the glasses.  I use the glasses when I run and/or mountain bike in my free time.  I have owned a previous pair of Tifosi eyewear and I am happy with them which made me buy another pair.


A little history about the Tifosi manufacturer.


The history of Tifosi came about when Joe Early,  an independent sales rep, noticed that existing sports eyewear brands fell into two categories: limited features and a low price, or fully-loaded features and technology with a high price tag.  The original article can be found here

Joe named the company Tifosi after the definition of the Italian word which means "fans".

Tifosi is an Italian word which means "fans."  And it especially describes a group of supporters, especially in sports.





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