The Top 10 Benefits of Running


Top 10 Benefits of Running


According to the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA), running / jogging continues to show strong and consistent growth annually as running total participation (people who ran at least 6+ days/yr) was up nearly 4% overall in the 2012 last year. The Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), formerly the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, survey indicates similar growth for the general running population as well.There is an estimated 47 million people in the US who run/jog at least 6+ days/yr and 32 million people who run/jog 50+ days/yr. Each year, more and more people are attracted to running. Running is becoming a popular form of physical activity. There are many benefits of taking up running.

Running is a very appealing exercise because it doesn't cost a lot to take part and you can run at any time that suits you. Some runners choose to participate in fun runs, athletics races and/or marathons.

Running is a form of aerobic exercise, which is a physical activity that produces energy by combining oxygen with blood glucose or body fat. Running is among the best aerobic exercises for physical conditioning of your heart and lungs. It helps to ensure the efficient flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body.

Before you head out to pound the pavement or hit the running trails, you should talk to your doctor first to make sure you are healthy enough to start running. If you're a beginner, you should start with brisk walking, progress to jogging and work up to running. This should take a few months. Usually you can start small with a 0.5 mile walk/jog doing this a few times a week, then increasing the mileage to 1 mile, 2, 3, 5, and so on. A good training program can usually take up to 6 months to work up to a 10 mile run.

Below are the top 10 best reasons to start running.


1. Cardiovascular Health

Your cardiovascular health increases when you run regularly. You will increase the elasticity of your arteries and lower your blood pressure. Cardiovascular exercises, such as running, strengthen the heart. which will lower your risk of having a heart attack.

2. Weight Loss

Running burns a significant amount of calories making it an excellent form of exercise to help you lose weight. Be aware though because it is a high-impact exercise and if you are more than just a few pounds overweight, running may cause your leg and hip joints to ache. You can still run, but will have to start slow.

3. Prevent Diabetes

If you run just five days a week for 30 minutes each time, your risk of Type 2 diabetes is reduced. You should also keep an eye on your sugar and carbohydrate intake.

4. Stress Reliever

Running helps your body create endorphins, which are hormones that are released by the pituitary gland that have motivational benefits. The endorphins that are released during running help to treat depression and other psychological disorders. Many distance runners experience frequent rushes of endorphin release, which they enjoy reaching the "runner's high" -- that euphoric, clear, and calm state they feel after a long run.

5. Prevent Cancer

Running five days a week for at least 30 minutes each time may help to reduce your risk of different types of cancer. These types of cancers include uterine, breast and bowel cancer.

6.  Social Benefits

Many people run because they like to socialize and be part of a running community. Running clubs and charity training groups give people the opportunity to meet and train with other people. Some runners participate in local events or travel to race destinations with their running buddies.

7.  Happier

Research shows that healthy adults who exercise regularly are generally happier than those who don't.  As a runner, you'll likely feel more energetic and creative.

8. Bone Density

You will improve your bone density, specifically in your back, hips and legs, with running. Along with strong bones, you will also strengthen your muscles. Your muscles will not become bulky, but will be stronger. You also reduce your risk of osteoporosis.

9. Appetite

You will actually eat more when you run regularly because you will be burning more calories. You will most often also be hungrier and have a better, healthier appetite. Regular exercise is also good for digestion.

10. Sleep

Running often helps you sleep better because being in good health promotes good sleep. You should also make sure to get adequate sleep before going on a good run. Not getting enough rest could result in over-training.



Can you think of any more benefits of running?

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