Customize Your Run with Amphipod

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Looking for a running belt that you can customize for each run? I researched and found the Amphipod RunLite AirStretch 2 running belt. This belt can be customized for short to long runs. After dealing with the limited storage space offered by other running belts, what could be better than a belt were you can add as much storage as you need.

One of the first things I noticed about this Amphipod Runlite Airstretch 2 beltbelt was that there was no clasp or tightening straps. The Velcro system on the belt made sure it fit nice and snug and I never had an issue with it slipping or needing it to be tightened.

When you buy the belt, it comes with a pouch and two 10.5 oz. bottles for hydration. The pouch can hold up to four gels and has zipper compartment to hold your ID cards, money, and/or a cell phone. There are all sorts of ways you can customize this belt to your needs. Some people can use extra storage, so a secondary pouch could be added that can be easily slid onto the belt.


Amphipod Runlite Airstretch belt pouch


There are three sizes of the Amphipod Runlite Airstretch 2 running belts.

The three sizes are based on waist measurement in inches:
Size 1:    23" - 29"
Size 2:   30" - 35"
Size 3:    35" - 42"






The following are add-on accessories you can add to your Amphipod running belt in order to customize for each run.


Add-On Accessories 

Wanting to add more water to your run? You can add on the SnapFlask 10.5 oz Module 2-Pack.

Amphipod SnapFlask 10.5 oz Module 2-Pack

Amphipod Snapflask 10.5-oz Module 2-Pack


Amphipod SnapFlask 10.5 oz Module's are the perfect way to add quick-access hydration anywhere on your Amphipod belt. They come 2 per pack making for a total liquid capacity of 21 oz. Slide them anywhere on your belt and position bottles vertical or horizontal to meet your needs.  One of the best features of the SnapFlask is these bottles snap in making a click noise so you know that they are in.

Amphipod SnapPod Endurance Module

Amphipod Snapped Endurance Module


Add-on the Amphipod SnapPod Endurance Module to your Amphipod belt for easy, on-the-go access to nutrition. Pop open the top for a quick hit of energy without breaking your stride.



Amphipod Rapid Access Pouch

Amphipod Rapid Access Pouch


This second pouch could be a small one or a large one. Both the small and large pouches have 2 compartments and a quick access closure.  The pouches could be used to secure ID cards, money, and/or a cell phone.



Amphipod Ballistic Endurance Pouch

Amphipod Ballistic Endurance Pouch


The endurance pouch has a zipper for securing your items. It is made from weather-resistant rip-stop nylon, the durable Amphipod Ballistic Endurance Pouch can be added or removed to your Amphipod belt for additional carrying capacity.


Amphipod Beltpod SmartView Pouch

Amphipod SmartView Pouch


The smartview pouch has a zipper on it to secure your ID cards, money, or cell phone.   This can attach to any hydration belt or pack for easy access on-the-go.





Amphipod Runlite Airstretch 2 belt

Amphipod set a new record with their “Customize_Your_Run” belt series, which allows you to choose the hydration and storage products that are right for you, and attach them to the Amphipod RunLite AirStretch Belt. From SnapFlasks to Storage Pouches, the range of products available will equip you for your adventures on the trails, roads or race day.






Which accessories do you like/dislike to use on your RunLite AirStretch running belt?




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