The Best Over The Ear Running Earphones

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Best Over The Ear Running Earphones




1. OPTION #1


Yurbuds Ironman Endure Pro Earphones

Yurbuds Running Earphones

The Yurbuds Ironman Endure Pro earphones are designed to transform your athletic running experience for a comfortable fit. These are over-the-ear running earphones that are designed to fit secure and to let you enjoy your music. They were conceived by an engineer training for his first Ironman.

The Yurbuds earphones feature a 3-button remote control and microphone that allows convenient navigation of music during your running activity as well as hands-free calls—even in the rain.

These are very durable, sweat-proof and water-resistant earphones deliver reliable performance in almost all conditions.

They are compatible with iPhone, iPod, and Android cell phones.


Yurbuds Ironman Endure Pro Running Earphones


Yurbuds Ironman Endure Pro: $49


The Yurbuds Ironman Endure Pro Specs:

  • Soft, ergonomic silicone ear loops help hold earphones securely in place
  • Patented twist lock technology locks Yurbuds securely into your ears and keeps them there through all kinds of intense physical movement
  • Ergonomic design employs medical-grade silicone for a soft, comfortable and personalized fit that avoids pressing sensitive pain points
  • Clinically proven acoustics deliver deep, rich sound with all types of music, yet they allow sufficient ambient noise to keep you aware of your surroundings




2. OPTION #2


Polk Audio UltraFit 1000 Earphones

Polk Audio logo





The UltraFit 1000 is designed from the ground-up to meet the rigorous needs of every runner, UltraFit Sports headphones will be the last headphone you'll ever need to buy.

The UltraFit 1000 is a high performance headphone designed to sit in the flange of your ear canal, while the ear piece hook insures a snug yet comfortable fit.

There is a 3-button remote control and in-line microphone enable you to use your iPod® or iPhone® anytime, anywhere.   The 1000 is designed to provide a moderate noise suppression so you can be aware of your environment.

Pro:        The UltraFit™ 1000 comes with three cable length options, so you can wear your music device the way that works best for you.  The short (14") cable is perfect if you wear your player on your arm, while the (41") headphone is ideal for runners who put the player on their waist or running belt.


Polk Audio UltraFit 1000 Running Earphones




Polk Audio UltraFit 1000: $49


The UltraFit 1000 Specs:

  • SecureFit™ Support—Exercise or play knowing your headphones will stay comfortably in place.
  • Environmental Awareness Engineered In—Hear enough of your surroundings to feel secure during exercise.
  • Ultra Flexible Tangled-Free Planar Audio Cables—Avoid cable tangle and unwanted microphonics with oxygen-free cables in two custom lengths.
  • StrainGuard™—Kevlar core and computer designed transitional connections eliminate cable failure.
  • Moisture Shield—Resists moisture and keeps performing through strenuous activity.
  • Short (14") Cable—For iPod nano®, iPod
  • 3.5 mm Connector—Designed to fit through the opening on all cases.




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