Should You Buy Oakley Prescription Running Eyewear?


Runner Wearing Prescription Running Eyewear


Prescription sports glasses play a unique and special role in eyewear and eye health in general. Those who wear eyeglasses need to take special care where sports are concerned. Not all sports are the same, and as a result, there are different prescription sports glasses available for different needs. In this article, we will look at some of the reasons that you might want to consider investing in high-quality prescription running glasses.

When you are running, it is important to see the road and/or trail clearly. Your vision isn’t just a plus – it’s a must. This means that you will want to invest in prescription running glasses in order to achieve optimal performance. Yet, there is a secondary consideration that goes well beyond your performance. Not having proper prescription running glasses could result in injury. Without the proper correct vision, you can trip or fall while on the run. Failure to have optimal vision could have painful if not even dangerous consequences.

There are prescription running glasses on the market that are designed to handle tough impacts. These are the kind of glasses you want. You will want to find prescription running glasses that are designed to hold up to whatever might, quite literally, be thrown at you!  This means you should only select high-quality and durable prescription glasses. At the end of this article, I list one of the best prescription eyewear sellers from the Oakley company.


Enhanced Sports Performance

Prescription running glasses are not just for eye protection.  Developments in prescription running glasses mean that today’s offerings in running glasses help your running game.   Thus, when you choose running glasses, you may get a variety of benefits.


Running eyewear are specially designed to:


1) fit securely and comfortably during physical activity

2) keep your eyes safe

3) enhance your vision to give you an extra performance "edge" in the running that you love.


In running, vision drives performance.  So to excel during competition, you should make sure your eyesight is in top shape.   The right sports eyewear can reduce glare and enhance contrast to help you see even better and react faster.


Increased Peripheral Vision

In particular, an enhanced field of vision can be of great benefit when you are using prescription running eyewear.  Most prescription running eyewear have curved lenses which enhance the peripheral vision.  When you are running, you are constantly scanning the road and/or trail ahead, therefore having prescription in the whole curved lens gives dramatically improved peripheral vision.

In running marathons or any other race, where events move quickly and results can come down to a fraction of an inch or a fraction of a second, losing out on peripheral vision can be both costly and dangerous. This fact is yet another great reason that those who run should opt for all the benefits that prescription running glasses have to offer.


Personalized Fittings of Prescription Eyewear

Getting the best possible running eyewear to maximize your sports performance starts with your running eyeglasses prescription. Make sure your prescription is up-to-date, and tell your eye doctor that you enjoy running and other outside sports activity.

Next, see a qualified optician for additional advice about the best frame and lenses for your running and to view samples of different lens tints. Your optician's help in frame selection is critical, because the proper fit of running eyewear is very important for both safety and comfort.

When it comes to achieving your personal best in running, remember that great eyesight is a key factor in athletic performance. You might want to put running eyewear at the top of your list when you shop for gear and accessories to enhance your game.


Oakley Eyewear

 Oakley Prescription Running  Eyewear

One of the best rated prescription running eyewear companies is Oakley.   Oakley makes sunglasses for every sport, weather condition, light condition and style.  These lightweight, impact-resistant frames offers maximum durability, and complete customization.  Some offer polarized lenses available, adjustable nose bridge, temples, and lenses for a completely customized fit.

Oakley is known for their high – quality, protected and trendy products. The alliance of Oakley sunglasses with high performance  is one of the main reasons behind the brand’s recognition.

Undoubtedly, renowned sportspersons select Oakley Sunglasses because of the durability feature and protection records.   The Oakley lenses meets the standards of impact resistance set by the American National Standards Institute.

These sunglasses are made for opposing any impact and they will protect your eyes.  These sunglasses not only add charm to your looks but also serve as a protective shield against ultraviolet rays.

Oakley sunglasses prove to be a good value for money too because of their various features like sturdiness, quality and protection .  Because of their design and quailty, these eyewear will usually cost more than the average prescription eyewear from their competitors.

One of Oakleys best prescription sellers for both mens and womens eyewear is the Half Jacket.  Oakley offers two lens shapes and 18 different lens hues for the Half Jacket glasses.  The lenses are removable and interchangeable, meaning you can buy multiple lenses for varying environments or swap them out for non-prescription lenses when you want to wear your contacts.


Oakley Prescription Half Jacket Eyewear Test

I ordered one of Oakley's Prescription Half Jacket to perform an eyewear test.  I tested this Oakley eyeglass while mountain biking and orienteering over the course of a month.   Initially, the glasses were overwhelming to my eyes and were uncomfortable to wear for more than 20 minutes.  Oakley actually warns about this in the Half Jacket’s literature, saying that its optics provide an unusually wide field of vision and enhanced peripheral clarity that may require a period of adaptation.

It took me four or five days to get used to the glasses, but now they are sharp, clear and comfortable for long periods.

Design-wise, the Half Jacket is a solid model that seems to glue to your head.  Even after a few hours of running, the glasses remained comfortable, the glasses never fell off and barely even slipped on my sweaty face.

Prescription glasses are never remarkably affordable, and the Half Jacket follows suit with prices that start around $340.  To purchase these glasses, you must work with an Oakley-affiliated eye doctor who can take your prescription and order the frame and lenses from Oakley.  The Oakley website provides a dealer locator section on its Web site to guide you to affiliated doctors near your home.

Price:  Frame only, $140 - $185;  Prescription lenses range from $185 – $235 a pair.


How To Order Oakley Prescription Eyewear

All prescription running eyewear orders need to be placed with an authorized Oakley Prescription Dealer.   You can locate an Authorized Oakley prescription dealer in your area by using the store locater provided to you on website.

Also, Salt City Optics offers an online Oakley prescription eyewear order.


The average price for one prescription Oakley Half Jacket starts at $340 and could go up to $440 depending on the frame color and lens color choice.





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