The Benefits of Running in Hoka One One Shoes

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Hoka One One (pronounced hoe-kah oh-nay oh-nay)

Hoka One One is a Maori expression meaning ‘It’s time to fly over the Earth’. A speed-skiing Kiwi used to shout this "Hoka One One" before jumping off mountains at the beginning of fast descents.

While the running shoe trend from 2008-2012 has been to move toward the minimalist and lightweight running shoes , a new company called Hoka in 2010 went the opposite direction and created a line of shoes that have the maximum cushioning.  Hoka's main purpose is to create a shoe that minimizes the impact of running on the body.


First Impact

When I first saw these shoes, they kind of looked like the retro 70s elevator shoes known for their thick shoe sole.  I bought a pair of Hoka Stinson Evo trail shoes for $170.  The sole on these shoes were at least a minimum 1.5 inches and the maximum was a little over 2 inches.  I was very amazed at these awesome shoes.

 Hoka Running Shoes

 The following are the 5 main benefits in choosing to trail run in the Hoka One One shoes.


1.  Maximum cushioning

The very first thing I noticed about these shoes is they felt like pillows on my feet.  My feet felt like they were in heaven just putting these on.

One positive thing I noticed was with this shoes having these thick soles, the shoes felt light. These shoes are lighter than they actually look, averaging 10.9 ounces for the Men’s Stinson Evo.

2.   Comfort

The Stitson Evo shoe has a 6mm drop.   This shoe has an engineered oversized midsole volume that can be up to 2.5X the volume of performance specific foam material in the midsole compared to standard running shoes. The benefits of having an oversized midsole is for comfort.  My feet felt soft when I ran with these on my feet.

3.  Shock Attentuation

The benefits of this thick midsole is great shock attenuation, a sense of weightlessness, and inherently stable ride which is designed to reduce the fatigue in your feet, legs and core.    In other words, the shoe has a rocking and rolling motion.   Acccording to Hoka the "rocking and rolling motion", “encourages proper form by allowing a runner to easily strike the ground near the midfoot.”

Personally, when I ran with these shoes on the trail, my feet felt raised off the ground a few inches, and I felt unstabile.  In fact, I had stumbled a few times until I got used to these shoes.   But after running in these a few times and getting used to them, my body felt less sore from the impact from other thinner soled shoes.

4.  Less Impact

The Hoka running shoes are designed for more cushioning, wider, stable platform, and super-light materials.   HOKA has engineered a unique performance midsole geometry that features a higher volume, softer density, and greater rebounding foam than standard running shoes.

The uniquely designed midsole softens the increased impacts of downhill running and acts as a buffer against jagged obstacles on the trail.

Hoka Running Shoes

5.  Better Running Form

Running with these, I felt a sense of weightlessness, and inherently a stable ride which is designed to reduce the fatigue in your feet, legs and core.   Th Hoka running shoe's rockered profile contributes to better running form, less impact stress and the smoothest ride ever.

Lab tests have shown that Hoka's rockered midsole geometry and low heel-toe differential encourages proper form by allowing a runner to easily strike the ground near the midfoot.



Since 2010, HOKA has been on a quest to bring new and elevated benefits to all runners.    HOKA  understood from the beginning that the natural foot motion was extremely important for uniformity of stride. HOKA incorporated minimum drop geometry along with a rolling rocker design to promote consistent rhythm in the runner's foot strike.

Since then, a word of mouth spread through thousands of testimonials, it inspired countless runners to keep running.   HOKA footwear is designed for recovery runs with its oversized, increased forgiveness.

HOKA was designed as a shoe for all runners, from joggers to elite athletes wanting to improve their performance.


What is the best part you feel about in running in Hoka Shoes?


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